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Training Chickens


Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chicken Love
Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chickens are incredibly intelligent birds once the fear of a person had been replaced with trust.
When your chickens trust you, they will come to you for cuddles, seeing you as their human, thus training is done by playing with them.

This is the event that happened this morning, spontaneously, without pre-arrange input from me. I was fortunate to be able to share this bit of magic in my life with readers. It is an amazing feeling to know these chicks trust you so much as to want to be around you.
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Cinnabun is one of the most inquisitive birds I had thus far, demanding cuddles whenever I'm around.

"Us too!"
Hmm. What is going on here? The others are occupying the chair?

"Okay, let us then line up."

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