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My first Therapy Chickens


Sunday, 23 June 2019

Back Yard Chickens - enjoying the babies - Maggie's first batch of eleven live chicks

Chicken Little was rejected by her mom and had to be hand reared. She quickly turned into a great, intelligent little chicken even though she could not stand after hatching. Here she is sleeping in my lap while I'm trying to work on the laptop.

Chicken Little preferred to sleep on her back until she could sit up. Egor did not grow feathers until much later and mom kept pecking her, thus she joined Chicken Little as a companion.

Egor and Chicken Little, two happy chickies a few days later. Lots of work, lots of love and lots of joy.

Chicken Little, not so little any more. Egor is growing feathers. In my daughter's hands is Pudding, not part of the batch, just a random egg placed under Maggie. Pudding loved her mom but had deformed feet, thus could not keep up with the little flock and was reared by hand. Her feet are now strong and fine and she turned into a feisty little chicken. 

Time will tell how their lives pan out. Right now they are just enjoying being much-loved free-range chicken pets.

Back Yard Chickens - by Author, H Gibson

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