Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Pet Roosters


Banshee and Bullee

Pet Roosters

Banshee and Bullee. 2019 hatch Brothers now over the rainbow bridge. Banshee passed away 11 days after Bullee.
People ask "How old do roosters get?"
The answer depends entirely on circumstance. I have older roosters still on active duty into their 8th year, while others pass over early for various reasons. The average lifespan for a chicken with good luck is 5-8 years. There are chickens older than 12 years old, so if you take on a chicken as a pet, make sure that you can commit for the same timespan as keeping a dog or cat. Pet chickens will give you as much, if not more, pleasure than other pets with their quirky personalities.

Article by author, H Gibson

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Training Chickens


Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chicken Love
Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chickens are incredibly intelligent birds once the fear of a person had been replaced with trust.
When your chickens trust you, they will come to you for cuddles, seeing you as their human, thus training is done by playing with them.

This is the event that happened this morning, spontaneously, without pre-arrange input from me. I was fortunate to be able to share this bit of magic in my life with readers. It is an amazing feeling to know these chicks trust you so much as to want to be around you.

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Cinnabun is one of the most inquisitive birds I had thus far, demanding cuddles whenever I'm around.

"Us too!"
Hmm. What is going on here? The others are occupying the chair?

"Okay, let us then line up."

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My first Therapy Chickens


Sunday, 23 June 2019

Back Yard Chickens - enjoying the babies - Maggie's first batch of eleven live chicks

Chicken Little was rejected by her mom and had to be hand reared. She quickly turned into a great, intelligent little chicken even though she could not stand after hatching. Here she is sleeping in my lap while I'm trying to work on the laptop.

Chicken Little preferred to sleep on her back until she could sit up. Egor did not grow feathers until much later and mom kept pecking her, thus she joined Chicken Little as a companion.

Egor and Chicken Little, two happy chickies a few days later. Lots of work, lots of love and lots of joy.

Chicken Little, not so little any more. Egor is growing feathers. In my daughter's hands is Pudding, not part of the batch, just a random egg placed under Maggie. Pudding loved her mom but had deformed feet, thus could not keep up with the little flock and was reared by hand. Her feet are now strong and fine and she turned into a feisty little chicken. 

Time will tell how their lives pan out. Right now they are just enjoying being much-loved free-range chicken pets.

Back Yard Chickens - by Author, H Gibson


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Dragons and Meditation


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Upon Feathered Dragons and Chicken Meditations

Upon Feathered Dragons and Chicken Meditations
Article by Author H Gibson, The Chronicles of Han.

What appeals to me most about chickens are that they remind me of feathered dragons.
Each one has a personality with a fierceness for survival just under the surface.

This is little Luna. She refuses to grow and her brothers and sisters are twice her size.
Luna decided she wished to join me in my meditation sessions, calmly taking a position best suited to the situation.

This is not by co-incidence but every time I settle down to meditate, resulting in extremely calming sessions.

I'm just glad she is a little chicken.

Anyone interested to come and experience my chicken meditation sessions welcome to visit by appointment. Contact me via email from my website www.chroniclesofhan.com 

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Therapy with Chickens


Saturday, 21 December 2019

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Since having chickens I had to adjust to a more 'life just is' attitude. I did not expect the results of becoming a chicken person, but it seems as if the chickens are assisting me in becoming a happier person, keeping me grounded and focused on what I need to do, not just for them, but in effect for my family and my life as well.

What I find the most interesting of the chickens are their absolute sense of immediate joy in life, misery when they are unhappy, their gratefulness when they receive something from me, or their excitement when they find something extraordinary like a fat earthworm, screaming gleefully so the rest of the flock may know about it and the tag race is on!

They also teach about death and that sometimes death comes suddenly and unexpectedly, or sometimes a body just can not survive the rigours of life and gives out. And you watch and can do absolutely nothing but give as much love as you can in those final moments of a preme or a late hatcher with underdeveloped internal organs, a weak heart, or shock.

This includes hatching. Some eggs start out well but suddenly stop developing in the second or third week. Life just gives up. Creating a new body was not to be.

And then the miracle of hatching, which I find fascinating. The little wet bodies turning into balls of fluff, full of life and joy, each one with their own personality, from the first few hours.
No matter how many chicks I've held in my hand, I keep on marvelling at the creation of life.

Yes, I guess I've become a chickenholic. Wiser, more fun-filled, happier, and definitely having a lot more love to share with the world.

Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

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Pet Roosters

  Banshee and Bullee Pet Roosters Banshee and Bullee. 2019 hatch Brothers now over the rainbow bridge. Banshee passed away 11 days after Bul...